Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Possible Alternate Reservoir for Lake Lanier?

Note: We stumbled across this story and thought this would be of interest to our readers. The debate is hot right now as Atlanta and Georgia seek to define their future water source for the area.

Dawson Forest May Host Reservoir Alternative To Lake Lanier

Since 1971 Dawson Forest on the western side of Lake Lanier has been owned by Atlanta and Hartsfield-Jackson Airport with the intention of using the land for a second airport. However, pressure for another airport diminished when Hartsfield-Jackson added a fifth runway in 2006 and now, in the aftermath of the court decision potentially restricing Georgia's access to Lake Lanier, some developers are renewing previous talk of building a new reservoir in the forest....http://www.lakelanier.com/200908241048/news/dawson-forest-reservoir-lake-lanier/

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