Thursday, October 1, 2009

Governor Announces Water Contingency Task Force

Earlier this week, Governor Sonny Perdue announced the creation of a task force that will help develop contingencies for water consumption as a result of the recent water ruling limiting the access of Lake Lanier for water supply.

Contingency planning is part of the Governor’s four-pronged strategy for addressing the impact of the ruling. The other strategies include congressional action, negotiations and appeal of the decision.

“While I am confident we will be successful in securing the ability to draw water supply from Lake Lanier, we cannot take that for granted and must plan accordingly,” said Governor Perdue. “We will consider conservation measures as well as opportunities to enhance our water supply options.”

The task force will include several dozen leaders from business, government and environmental organizations.

Coca-Cola Enterprises CEO John Brock and Tim Lowe of Lowe Engineers have agreed to co-chair the task force, which will meet throughout the fall and present recommendations before the January 2010 legislative session.

“We applaud Governor Perdue for taking this action and convening this water task force to address conservation and water supply,” Brock said. “Water is the most pressing issue facing Metro Atlanta and Georgia today. The business community stands ready to support this effort and lead, where necessary, to ensure that our quality of life and economy are sustainable for the long term.”

“We are honored to assist Governor Perdue in this important endeavor and are confident that this task force will be able to identify a number of sound recommendations to meet this critical challenge,” Lowe added.

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