Thursday, January 6, 2011

Canada’s Oil Sands Are The Largest Supplier Of Oil To The USA

Canada’s oil sands are the largest supplier of oil to the USA and the Athabasca region alone is estimated to contain 870 billion to 1.3 trillion barrels of oil.

Operators are increasingly moving towards in situ methods for extraction to harness the potential of oil sands productions and require large amounts of water for the production of steam to reduce the viscosity of the bitumen. It is vital that the oil sands producers work together to cost-effectively minimize water usage and improve recyclability. In the wake of this realization, senior decision makers form accross the industry will be meeting in Calgarry in 3 weeks time.

The Oil Sands Water Management Initiative 2011 will take place on the 26-27th January and is the only event where the leading oil sands producers themselves provide solutions to the specific water management challenges in situ oil sands producers are facing. They will be breaking down water management solutions at every stage of production including sourcing, treating, recycling and disposing of water resources.

Industry Experts Include:
Brian Doucette, Director Of Environmental Excellence, Suncor
Peter Sametz, President & COO, Connacher
Chris Bloomer, COO, Petrobank
Calvin Watson, General Manager Thermal Heavy Oil, Devon
Mike Baker, Manager Of Environment & Regulatory Compliance, Shell
Vincent Saubestre, Manager Technology and R&D, Total
Ed Koshka, Vice President Engineering, Marketing & Infrastructure, Ivanhoe
K.C. Yeung, Manager Of Oil Sands Technology, Husky
Bruce McGee, President & CEO, E-T Energy
Margaret Klebek, Senior Hydrogeologist, Alberta Environment

Steve Tipton, from the global leading shale gas operator Newfield Exploration, will be offering transferable lessons from their success and experience with management of water resources offering new methods, strategies and techniques that can be utilised to drive down costs and minimize water usage.

The Oil Sands Water Management Initiative will bring together the experience and solutions from the leading oil sands operators in order to minimize water usage at every stage of production.

If you are interested in the future production of oil sands resources, join us January 26 – 27, 2011 at the Calgary Convention Centre.

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