Monday, July 20, 2009

Graves’ Statement Regarding Tri-State Water Dispute

Republican State Representative Tom Graves (R-Ranger), candidate for the 9th Congressional District of Georgia, released the following statement after last Friday’s ruling by U.S. District Judge Paul Magnuson that shifts Lake Lanier’s water allocation to Congress concerning the tri-state water dispute:

“I am troubled by the federal judge’s decision regarding Lake Lanier’s water. His ruling Friday could be one of the largest takings of state’s rights that this country has seen in modern history. Giving the federal government this enormous power to decide a dispute that should be delegated among the states is unconscionable. I urge our Governor to take the necessary steps to a speedy resolution of this matter. As the next Congressman for North Georgia, I will vehemently oppose attempts by those in Washington to try and take our most precious resource whose genesis is in the mountains of North Georgia and will unite with other Georgia leaders to fight for a fair and equitable solution that's right for Georgia.”
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