Wednesday, July 29, 2009

North Georgians Continue to Conserve, Even Without Restrictions

June 2009 use up only 1.8 percent from last year, 18 percent lower than June 2007

Georgians have continued to conserve water, even with relaxed outdoor water use restrictions in place, according to June 2009 water use data compiled by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD).

“These numbers indicate that Georgians have made water conservation part of their daily lives,” said Governor Sonny Perdue. “Conservation is obviously critical during drought, but I am particularly encouraged to see our efforts continue now that the rains have returned and the drought is over.”

According to water use data collected from water utilities and local governments throughout the 55-county north Georgia area, water use in June rose an average of just 1.8 percent as compared to June 2008. Most types of outdoor water use had been prohibited in those 55 counties since September of 2007. Non-drought schedules took effect June 10, which allow people to water any time of the day up to three days a week determined by odd and even-numbered addresses.

Even more impressive are the comparisons to June 2007 before the drought worsened and outdoor water use was allowed midnight to 10 a.m. three days a week. June 2009 water use was down 18.4 percent as compared to the 2007 data, even though the current schedules are for times of non-drought.

For example, some of the largest metropolitan Atlanta water systems showed significant water savings during June, including the city of Atlanta and Gwinnett, Clayton and Cobb counties. Other large metro water users saw only modest increases in water use, including North Fulton, Cherokee and Fayette counties, and the city of Marietta. EPD is working closely with communities to continue to improve water conservation practices.

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